Blue Card

A blue card is a type of a long-term residence permit that enables third countries citizens to stay and work legally in the Czech Republic for a period longer than 3 months at a position requiring high qualifications.






Who can apply for a blue card?

You can apply for a blue card if:

  • You have a completed higher vocational or university education of at least 3 years (high qualifications).
  • You are going to work at a position that requires these qualifications.
  • You are going to have a work contract or a pre-employment contract for at least one year receiving at least 1.5 times the average gross salary in the Czech Republic.
  • You are holder of long-term visa for the purpose of seasonal work.
  • You are holder of international protection status in the Czech Republic (asylum or subsidiary protection).

How long is the blue card valid for?

A blue card is valid 3 months longer than the duration of the work contract, but for a maximum of 3 years.

What does a residence permit look like?

What obligations and restrictions does the blue card mean?

What does this residence permit enable you to do?

You can stay and work legally in the Czech Republic for the duration of your residence permit. If you hold a valid residence permit, you can leave and re-enter the Czech Republic repeatedly. You can also travel within the Schengen Area without a visa.

As blue card holders you can also:

  • Apply for a blue card in other EU Member States, directly in their territory, without having to apply at a diplomatic mission. In this case, your family members can apply in the same way for a long-term residence permit for the purpose of family reunification.
  • Apply for a permanent residence permit after 5 years of residence with a blue card in any EU Member State.

At the same time, your family members can apply at a diplomatic mission for a long-term residence for the purpose of family reunification in a shortened time limit of 90 days.

Can you apply for a blue card even if you have no residence permit in the Czech Republic?

Yes, if you hold a blue card issued by another EU Member State and you apply within the time limit of 1 month from the date you entered the Czech Republic. You can also apply at one of the Czech Republic’s diplomatic missions.