Submission by Remote Means

If you want to submit an application, add documents to an application or, for example, report a change by post, Data Box or by e-mail with an advanced electronic signature, make sure you comply with the time limit for doing so. The posting date, if you send the documents by post, or the sending date, if you send the documents by Data Box or e-mail, are essential for complying with the given time limit. Please always check if you can realise the procedure just by sending the required documents, or if it is necessary that you come to a Ministry of the Interior office in person.




You can send a filled-in form and other required documents by post to a Ministry of the Interior office determined according to your place of residence.

You must always send the documents in their original version or as certified copies. Do not send the original of your travel document by post. Send only a simple copy of the page that includes your personal information. You will present the original at a Ministry of the Interior office later.

In the case of register office documents, you must provide their originals. However, you can send by post only a simple copy, providing the original at a Ministry of the Interior office later.

You can post a filled-in form with the required documents enclosed even though you are not currently in the Czech Republic. This is the only case when the documents are not sent to an office according to the place of your residence.