Application for a Notification of the Progress of the Proceedings

If you have applied for a residence permit, you can track the state of your proceedings online on the website under Application submitted or in your personal account. If you wish to receive an official statement on the proceedings from the Ministry of the Interior, you can apply in line with the Administrative Procedure Code for a notification on the state of the proceedings.

How and where can you apply?

Send the application by post, Data Box or by e-mail with an advanced electronic signature to a Ministry of the Interior office according to your reported place of residence.

How long does the Ministry have to reply?

30 days from the day it received the application.

What will the reply include?

In reply, the Ministry will briefly inform you about the state of your application proceedings on the day the reply was written.

You will be informed that:

  1. the proceedings are ongoing (the Ministry is collecting documents in order to make a decision or is assessing the application),
  2. the proceedings are suspended, or
  3. a decision has been made.

In its reply, the Ministry does not provide hypothetical scenarios of the outcome of ongoing application proceedings, nor does it share reasons which lead the Ministry to decide in a particular way.