Visa for a Stay Longer than 90 Days for the Purpose of Collection of a Residence Permit (D/VR)

A long-term visa for the purpose of collection of a residence permit enables third countries citizens to enter the Czech Republic. It is also called an “entry visa” (D/VR) and you need it if:

  • your application for a long-term residence or a permanent residence permit that you submitted at a diplomatic mission was approved,
  • you changed your travel document in the country of origin (in the case of long-term visa holders) and you are returning to the Czech Republic,
  • your long-term residence permit (biometric card) or bridging visa expired while your new application was being processed and you are abroad,
  • you have lost your residence permit (biometric card) or travel document in which you have your visa and you need to return to the Czech Republic.

Where will you receive your D/VR?

Only at the Czech Republic’s diplomatic missions abroad.

What is the time limit for issuing a D/VR visa?

The visa is issued on the spot if possible.

How long is a D/VR visa valid for?

The visa is issued for 6 months. However, you can stay in the Czech Republic with this visa only for a maximum of 60 days.

Example: You were issued a visa valid from January 1st 2023 to June 30th 2023, which means that you can enter the Czech Republic whenever within this time span. However, you can stay in the Czech Republic only for a maximum of 60 days. That is if you arrive on March 1st 2023 you can stay in the country with this visa until April 30th 2023. Within these 60 days, you must complete all the steps necessary so that the administrative proceedings related to your long-term residence permit application come into effect – you must get registered, have your biometric data taken and collect a biometric card.

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