Remedying Errors in the Application and Gathering Evidence for Decision-making

If an error is detected in your application after it has been submitted, you will be prompted in writing to remedy it. If a time limit has been set in the proceedings for an administrative authority to take a decision, the proceedings are suspended until the error is remedied.

In the notice, the Ministry will explain in detail what the error is, what you have to do to remedy it and, also, if you have to come in person to a Ministry of the Interior office to do so. The notice will also specify in what form you must provide the document in question and the time limit you have to do so. When justified and if you apply for it in writing, this time limit can be extended.

You must provide the required documents within the given time limits. Not providing them is a reason to close the proceedings. During the proceedings, you can also add to the application other documents which you consider important for its assessment.