Some administrative procedures require a payment of an administrative fee of a specified value. Its height may differ from the third country nationals to EU citizens (including the citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland) and their family members.

Stamps (duty stamps) are the only means of payment to cover the administrative fees for individual administrative procedures. It is not permissible to pay cash or with bank cards at the the Ministry of the  Interior offices. The only exceptions are payments for duplicates, transcriptions, copies, photocopies or printouts from a foreigner’s file, which are paid cash.

Duty stamps are not sold at the Ministry of the Interior offices. They can be bought at any branch of the Czech Post Office (Česká pošta). The list of all Post Office branches, including their addresses, is accessible at the Czech Post Office website.

Administrative fee must be paid in the form of a duty stamp of a specified amount, which is stated in the tariff of charges related to individual administrative procedures. In case you use a duty stamp of a higher value, the exceeding sum will not be returned.

If you are sending your application through the Czech Post Office mail, attach the duty stamps to other documents. In case you decide to submit your application through a Data Box or through an e-mail with an advanced electronic signature, it is not possible to attach the requested duty stamps. In such a case, you will be invited to pay the administrative fee by another method.