Medical Insurance

The type of certificate of travel and medical insurance depends on the type of application you file and where you file it. When you apply for a long-term visa or a long-term residence permit at an office of the Diplomatic Mission of the Czech Republic, the type of required document is not the same as the one demanded, if you apply for it in the Czech Republic. It also makes a difference, whether you are a citizen of the European Union, or not. 




Application for a long-term visa or for a long-term residence permit filed at a diplomatic mission office 

If you wish to stay in the Czech Republic for a period exceeding 90 days from the date of your entry into the Czech Republic, you must ensure, that you have a travel insurance covering a comprehensive medical care. From September 20, 2023 such insurance can be arranged with any insurance company authorised to provide it in the Czech Republic.

If you applied for long-term visa or for long-term residence permit at an office of the Diplomatic Mission of the Czech Republic, you have to submit a certificate proving your travel medical insurance, before you can collect your long-term visa or your long-term visa for the purpose of residence permit, meeting the following criteria: 

  • Travel and medical insurance covering necessary and urgent medical care for the initial 90 days of your stay, and at the same time another agreement concluded with an insurance company authorised to provide comprehensive medical insurance in the Czech Republic.
  • You may also submit a Certificate of Agreement with insurance company on a comprehensive medical insurance for the entire period of your stay.

Certificate of travel and medical insurance must confirm:

  • The period of insurance validity (insurance must be concluded for the entire period of your stay in the Czech Republic).
  • The scope of insurance coverage (the agreement must include the coverage of expenses).
  • The amount of indemnity (the contracted limit for one insured accident must be at least EUR 400,000, without participation of the insured person on the costs).

Insurance agreement must not exclude an accident indemnity, in cases where the accident is caused by your intentional or wrongful act, joint culpability, or as a result of alcohol-, narcotic- and psychotropic substance misuse.

If you conclude an insurance agreement abroad, you must also submit a certified translation of your insurance agreement and of the general terms and conditions into the Czech language.

On request, you have to submit the proof of payment of the insurance premium stated on the comprehensive travel and medical insurance certificate.

You will not need to submit your travel and medical insurance certificate provided that:

  • you are participating in the public health insurance,
  • the costs of your health care are covered on the basis of an international agreement, e. g. on the basis of programme Erasmus or Fullbright programme,
  • you prove that your health care is covered by different means (for example on the grounds of a written obligation of a legal person, if your stay in the Czech Republic is beneficial for the spiritual values development, human rights protection or other humanitarian values, protection of nature, cultural heritage, scientific progress, educational development, physical education and sports, on the basis of a written obligation of a state authority or based on an obligation arising from an invitation certified by police).