Forms and Documents for Third-country Nationals and EU Citizens and their Family Members

In accordance with the § 182 par. 2 of the Act No 326/1999 Coll.  on the Residence of the Foreign Nationals on the Territory of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Interior  herewith publishes the residence permit and visa application forms.

If the request for a residence permit or extending is not made on correct application form, it is considered as unacceptable and the proceeding will not be initiated. At the same time, if the notification is not made on an official application form (notification of employee card about change of employer, notification of change of work position or next position by same or another employer) it is considered as not submitted.

Common downloadable forms

Third-country nationals

Long-term visa

Employee card

The application form is possible to complete and send electronically. Example of employer statement of professional competence for employement is attached.

Related forms for the employee card

There is a possibility of submitting an employer´s statement of professional competence for employment in case of a change of employer, position or job for a different work position with a current or a different employer only. However, it is not possible to submit this statement in case of the application for an issuing the Employee Card or in case of extending the validity of the Employee Card. In these cases, if documents that prove professional competence are required, the originals or notarized copies of these documents have to be lodged.

Blue card

Related forms for the Blue Card

Long-term residence permit (including cards of internally transfered employees)

Related forms for cards of internally transfered employees

Permanent residence

European Union citizens and their family members

Temporary residence permit of EU citizens and their family members

As of January 1st, 2022, the old form of application can be used only to apply for new residence document replacing lost, stolen, damaged document or to apply for a change to be made in Registration certificate or in Residence Permit Card (Residence Card).

Permanent residence

You can use uniform form for citizens of the European Union and their family members when applying for:

  • a replacement of the residence document due to its loss, theft or damage,
  • a change to be made in the current residence document,
  • an extension of the permanent residence permit card,
  • a change to be made in the permanent residence permit card after you acquire the status of family member of an EU citizen or the EU citizenship,
  • an exchange of the residence document required by law.

Other forms


Studying and universities reporting obligations