Stay of Administrative Proceedings

If there are any facts or events which occur during the proceedings, which constitute reason for staying those proceedings, the Ministry of the Interior will stay the proceedings.

Grounds for such a stay are regulated by the Administrative Procedure Code. As for proceedings relating to the residence permit, the principal grounds for such a stay are:

  • remedying errors in the application,
  • ongoing proceedings on a preliminary question,
  • requirement of applicants
    • If you apply for a stay of the proceedings, you are required to state the reason for your wishing to suspend the proceedings. Without giving such a reason, your application will not be accepted.

At the moment at which the errors leading to the stay of proceedings are remedied, the Ministry will send you a letter confirming the continuation of the proceedings.

If a time-limit for carrying out a particular task has been stipulated in the ruling on the said stay, the administrative body can extend the time-limit accordingly.

While the proceedings are being stayed, the only steps which will be undertaken are those, which could lead to remedying the reason of the stay.

If you have filed an application, the time-limit for the issue of the administrative proceedure decision stops running on the day, when the reason for the stay of proceedings occurred. The time-limit for deciding upon your application cannot be less than 15 days of the day, when the said stay was lifted.