To provide a photograph is essential for the processing of many filings related to residence permits.

Learn more about the general requirements that a photograph must meet:

  • When filing an application, the photograph must show the applicant’s current appearance. It must also pass the tests of long-term image stability and have a smooth surface.
  • The photograph must show your head and the upper shoulders in the front face view. There must be a distance of at least 2 mm between the upper edge of the head and the upper edge of the photograph. You are looking straight into the camera lens, your facial expression must be neutral, your lips closed, your eyes open and they must not be covered by hair. The face height (meaning the distance from the eyes to the chin) is at least 13 mm.
  • Retouching or other modifications are not allowed. There must be no reflections in the photograph, which would hide or change distinctive features, such as the eyebrows or the chin.


The photograph is rectangular, it measures 45 mm high and 35 mm wide and it has straight or rounded corners with a radius r = 3 mm ± 0.5 mm. The thickness of the photograph must range from 0.13 mm to 0.27 mm.


The photograph may be black and white or in colour.

The background must be white to light blue or light grey colour. A smooth transition between these colours is also allowed.