General Information for Accommodation Providers

If you provide accommodation services and grant accommodation to foreigners, you are obliged to report to the Police of the Czech Republic. For further details, read on.

Who is an accommodation provider?

An accommodation provider is a person, who provides housing and takes payment for it, or a person who provides accommodation to more than 5 foreigners. Persons who give accommodation to their close family members are exempted.

What does accommodation mean?

Accommodation is a relationship based on a contract of accommodation, a contract of lease, a subtenancy, or a contract of similar nature. The building where people are accommodated must have a registered address, which is identified by a house number, or a reference number, and eventually an orientation number. It must be designated for living, accommodation or individual recreation in accordance with the Building Act.

Obligations of Accommodation Providers

As an accommodation provider you are obliged to report accommodation of foreigners to the Police of the Czech Republic within 3 working days of your accommodating the foreigner.

If provision of accommodation is the object of your business, you are obliged to report the housing of foreigners via the internet application Ubyport, which is accessible on the website of the Police of the Czech Republic.

If provision of accommodation is not the object of your business, you are nevertheless obliged to report the housing of foreigners. You can do so through a paper-based registration form, through another paper-based document giving the same scope of information as required by the registration form, or via the internet application Ubyport.

For more details, for example on what is a housing registration book or how to work with Ubyport, see the website of the Police of the Czech Republic. You can find contacts for the Foreign Police on the same website.

Certificate of accommodation

It proves that a foreigner has a secured accommodation. For more information about a certificate of accommodation, see the link.

Accommodation providers are obliged to issue a certificate of accommodation on request stating the period, during which the accommodation is provided.

Erasure of accommodation registration data of a foreigner

If you provide accommodation to a foreigner, you have a right, if there is a reason, which can be substantiated, to file a Request for erasure of information on the foreign national´s registered residence.

Under what conditions can you file such a request?

  • You can apply for it as a person who has title to the property.
  • The right of the foreigners to use the property has expired and, at the same time, foreigners do not use it, or do not use the part which was designated for them.
  • You must substantiate your request.

How to file the request?

  1. Fill in the form designed for this purpose.
  2. You can file the request in person, through the post, via Data Box or by e-mail with an advanced electronic signature. You can also file the request through the Mail Room of the Ministry of the Interior, or you can file it at a workplace of the Asylum and Migration Department accordingly to the address of the place of accommodation.
  3. When filing the request, you are obliged to pay the administrative fee of CZK 100 for every person, in the form of duty stamps. You must enclose the duty stamps. If you send the request through the Data Box, you will be asked to pay the duty stamp via an internet banking transfer.

How does the Ministry of the Interior process your application?

The request will be dealt with in administrative proceedings. The parties to the proceedings are both the accommodation providers, and the affected foreigners. The Decision on the case will be delivered to both parties.

In case of persons, who have been granted long-term visa, or who have a long-term residence permit (including, for example, employee card- or blue card holders), the Request for erasure of information on the foreign national´s registered residence is the equivalent of a request for abolition of the residence permit all in all.

How do you find out, who is registered in the property which you own?

Foreigners living in the Czech Republic have a legal obligation to report any change of their address. When reporting their new address, they are automatically registered from the previous one, and there is no need to erase the information on the registered place of residence.

However, if their rental agreement or certificate of accommodation is issued for a limited period which has already expired, the erasure of the reported place of the foreigner´s place of residence does not occur automatically. If you do not wish the foreigner to be indefinitely registered at the address, file a request for erasure of this information.

If you, as an accommodation provider have a doubt, as to who is registered at the property which you own or use, you can ask for a list of these people at the Ministry of the Interior. You can apply for it either in person, or through the post, by a Data Box or via an e-mail with advanced electronic signature.