History of Residence

History of residence is a document that contains information about all your residence permits in the Czech Republic, including the previous ones. It contains information about the purposes of residence and the periods of time for which the permits were issued as well as the addresses of the reported places of residence.

You can apply for a history of residence at a Ministry of the Interior office, send the application by post, Data Box or by e-mail with an advanced electronic signature, or you can submit it through an authorised representative.

You can download a blank application form, print it out and fill it in by hand – it must be filled in legibly, in block capitals and in Latin characters. You can also collect the form free of charge at one of the offices of the Ministry of the Interior.

In order to receive the document, you must also present your travel document. If you are an EU citizen, you can use your ID.

What is the time limit to process the application?

30 days.

What is the administrative fee?

50 CZK for each initiated page. The fee is paid in the form of stamps upon collection.