Discontinuation of Administrative Proceedings

Discontinuation of proceedings is its termination before its ordinary conclusion. It is pronounced by a resolution. Proceedings are closed, as soon as the Ministry of the Interior establishes that there are grounds for it, and has sufficient proof, and therefore no additional evidence is required.

If the administrative body discontinues your application, it means, that it does not deal with it any more. Your request will not be met and you will not be issued with a residence permit, nor its validity will be extended.

The grounds for such a discontinuation can occur at the beginning of the proceedings, or during its course, until the actual moment of the decision being issued.

The principal grounds /reasons for such a discontinuation are stipulated by § 66 of Law no. 500/2004 Sb., Administrative Procedure Code. It regulates / specifies that administrative body will issue a resolution on discontinuance of proceedings on a request, if:

  • You have withdrawn your application (Withdrawal of the Application). If there are other applicants in the matter, all of them must give their consent to the withdrawal.
  • The filed application has been obviously inadmissible.
  • You have not remedied the substantial errors of the application, which prevent the further continuation  of proceedings within the specified time-limit.
  • You have not paid the the administrative fee (duty stamp) within the specified time-limit, if any.
  • The application has become obviously redundant.
  • Applicant or applicants have died.
  • Byla zjištěna překážka podle § 48 odst. 1 správního řádu.

Special reasons leading to the discontinuation of proceedings on a residence permit application are regulated by Law no. 326/1999 Coll. on the Residence of Aliens in the Territory of the Czech Republic.