One-year Visa-free Stay for Holders of a Long-term Residence Permit for the Purpose of Studies Issued by Another EU Member State

Holders of a valid long-term residence permit or a long-term visa for the purpose of studies issued by another EU Member State can, subject to conditions, stay in the Czech Republic without a visa for as long as 1 year from their first entrance into the country.

Who is this type of visa-free stay intended for?

This type of visa-free stay is intended for you if you meet the following conditions:

  • You hold a valid long-term visa or a long-term residence permit for the purpose of studies issued by another EU Member State. It does not apply to residence permits issued by Ireland and Denmark.
  • The permit was issued under an exchange programme including mobility programmes (e.g. ERASMUS) or under agreements between universities. There must be a note about the exchange programme in your residence permit document or visa.
  • In the Czech Republic, you will be studying at a university, so the purpose of your residence will be studies.

What are your obligations?

What are your options?