Pilot Operation of the New Information Portal for Foreigners

We are introducing the new Information Portal for foreigners who live or want to live in the Czech Republic. Here you can find information on visas and other residence permits, whether for citizens of the European Union or third countries, information about living in the Czech Republic or how the administrative procedure works. Of course, there is also a section for temporary protection holders available in Ukrainian. There is a section dedicated to employers, schools or accommodation providers as well.

In addition, you will be able to create a personal account through which you can access all your appointment reservations and other information, a guide for foreigners through which you can easily find out what residence permits you can apply for in the Czech Republic, online forms to make the filling-out easier and more.

The portal is currently in pilot operation and you may come across some sections or features that do not yet work as they should. We are gradually adding content and working hard to ensure that all the features are available in their full scope as soon as possible. Registration and login to personal accounts will be launched during January 2023. Online booking of appointments will be available through this portal for dates starting from July 2023 onwards. If you need to book an appointment for an earlier date, you can use the existing website frs.gov.cz.