Proof of Sports Purposes

If you are applying for a long-term visa or a long-term residence permit for sports purposes, provide a document proving the purpose of residence in the Czech Republic, for example, in the form of a player contract that you closed with a sports club. These types of residence permits are intended exclusively for third countries citizens who want to carry out professional sports activities in the Czech Republic.

Such proofs may be, for example:

  • a standard professional contract,
  • a player contract,
  • a league professional contract,
  • a sports activity agreement,
  • an agreement on cooperation during sports activities.

This contract or agreement must be duly registered at the correspondent sports union that acts as an umbrella organisation in the particular field.

It must be clear from the agreement that you will carry out professional sports activities in the Czech Republic within a competition that the correspondent sports union considers as professional. It is usually the highest or the second-highest competition in the particular field of sports. The contract must also include the period when you will be carrying out the sports activities here and the player’s remuneration.

If your activities do not match the above-mentioned description, but the sports club remunerates you for your sports activities, you can apply for an employee card. This also applies to coaches, sports physiotherapists and others who cannot be classified under sports purposes. In such cases, you must apply for a long-term visa for the purpose of doing business or an employee card.