Quotas for the Acceptance of Applications Filed at the Diplomatic Mission Offices Abroad

Since September 1, 2019 the number of applications for employee cards or for long-term visas for the purpose of doing business, which can be submitted at certain diplomatic mission offices abroad, are subdued to quotas. Their height is governed by the Government´s Creed no. 220/2019 Coll.

Information on the actual state of quotas´s utilization can be found on the websites of the relevant diplomatic missions. After the quotas are run out, no further applications are accepted.

The maximum number of applications for programmes approved by the Government with the view of economic benefit for the Czech Republic, are given within the scope of these quotas. The programmes in question are as follows:

  1. Highly-qualified Employee
  2. Qualified Employee
  3. Key and Scientific Personnel

These programmes provide the beneficiaries with various benefits, contrary to other applicants for employee cards.