Programmes Approved by the Government with the View of Economic Benefit of the Czech Republic

Since September 1, 2019, 3 programmes based on the Government Decree no. 581 of 2019 have been carried out with the view of economic benefit of the Czech Republic.

The programmes are as follows:

  • Highly-qualified Employee
  • Qualified Employee
  • Key and Scientific Personnel

The Programme Qualified Employee is intended only for citizens of Armenia, Belarus*, Monte Negro, Philippines, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Mongolia, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine**.

The number of applications accepted in individual calendar months is limited according to the annual quotas, which are set by the Government‘s Directive. After the number of accepted applications is run out, no further applications can be accepted.

These programmes provide the beneficiaries with various benefits, contrary to other applicants:

Guaranteed option to filet he application at a diplomatic missionYesYesYes
Applying together with other family membersYesNoYes
Application proceeding within 30 daysNoNoYes
Written confirmation which replaces:
a)       Proof of AccommodationYesNoYes
b)       Work AgreementYesNoYes
c)       Document certifying professional qualificationNoNoYes
Possibility to change the employerAfter 6 monthsAfter 6 monthsNo limits

There is no legal entitlement to participation in the programmes.

* Applications of Belorussia´s citizens for employee card are currently not accepted, according to § 2 of law no. 175/2022 Coll., with reference to the Government Decree no. 200/2022 Coll.

** Applications of Ukrainian citizens for employee card are currently not acceptable, according to § 5a of law no. 65/2022 Coll.