Application Granted

The Ministry’s decision regarding your application is affirmative. The subsequent steps vary depending on the respective kind of administrative proceeding and where you applied.

Applications for visa or residence permit submitted in the Czech Republic:

Make an appointment by phone at a Ministry of the Interior office for one of the following agendas:

  • Collecting biometric data – applications for a long-term residence of third country nationals and family members of EU citizens; applications for an alien’s passport; applications for a long-term resident status in the European Community.
  • Receiving visa in your travel document – applications for an extension of long-term visa’s validity; applications for a long-term leave-to-remain visa.
  • Collecting your residence permit (biometric card) – applications for a registration certificate; applications for a permanent residence of EU citizens; applications for a travel identity card.

Notification by an employee card holder of a change of employer, work position or employment in another work position with the same or another employer.

The requirements for notification have been met. You can start the new employment only after you or your employer have received the Notification of Compliance. At the earliest, however, on the date stated in your form.

Applications submitted at one of the Czech Republic’s diplomatic missions:

  • Applications for a long-term visa – Collect your visa at the diplomatic mission. A diplomatic mission employee will contact you beforehand in order to schedule an appointment with you.
  • Applications for a long-term residence (including employee card or blue card) – Come to the diplomatic mission in order to collect your entry visa – visa for a stay longer than 90 days for the purpose of collecting a residence permit (D/VR). A diplomatic mission’s employee will contact you beforehand in order to schedule an appointment with you. You do not need a D/VR visa if you can enter the Czech Republic in another way, e.g. without a visa with a biometric passport.