Schengen Visa for a Stay Shorter than 90 Days

A Schengen short-term visa (less than 90 days) is intended for third countries citizens who want to stay short-term in the Czech Republic.

The purpose of such stay can be, for example:

  • Tourism
  • Spa or health-related stay
  • Business
  • Conference participation
  • Culture
  • Sport
  • Visiting family or friends
  • Invitation
  • Studies
  • Scientific research
  • Employment
  • Seasonal employment
  • Training
  • Transit through a Czech international airport

What is a short-term stay?

A short-term stay is a stay lasting a maximum of 90 days. Conditions of a short-term stay depend also on the terms of the granted visa which are, for example:

  • number of entries (one, two or more),
  • territorial validity (a visa valid for the whole Schengen area or only for selected Member States),
  • the period of the visa’s validity,
  • the length of the permitted stay.

Where can you apply?

You can only apply at one of the Czech Republic’s diplomatic missions. For a list of all the Czech Republic’s diplomatic missions and their contact details please see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

For information on filing an application and the process of granting short-term visas please see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Where can you apply for an extension of a short-term visa?

The conditions to extend a short-term visa are laid down in the Visa Code. If extending a short-term visa, please apply at the Residence Permits Unit of the Department of Foreign Police of the Czech Police Regional Directorate according to your reported place of residence.