Special Work Visa

A long-term special work visa is a residence permit intended for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldavia, Northern Macedonia and Ukraine, who want to work in the Czech Republic temporarily.



Who can apply for a long-term special work visa?

You can apply for a special work visa if you are a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldavia, Northern Macedonia and Ukraine. The job you are planing to perform must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Crop and animal production, gamekeeping and associated activities,
  • forestry and logging,
  • manufacture of food products, or
  • manufacture of beverages.

The visa applicant as well as the employer must participate in the government-approved programme managed by the Ministry of Agriculture. For more information on economic activities for which you can acquire a special work visa please see the Ministry of Agriculture’s website.

The employer must not be a labour agency. You can check whether the employer is a labour agency in the database of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic.

How long is the long-term visa valid for?

For a maximum of 1 year with no possibility of extension.

What does the visa look like?

What obligations and restrictions does this residence permit mean?

You must fulfil the purpose of your stay for the whole duration of your residence permit. You must also follow the obligations for foreigners stipulated by law.

A residence with a special work visa does not count towards the 5-year continuous residence in the Czech Republic necessary for acquiring a permanent residence permit. During your residence with this visa, it is not permitted to apply for any other residence permit.

What does this residence permit enable you to do?

During the validity of the permit, you can stay in the Czech Republic and work at the position for which you acquired the work visa legally. You can repeatedly leave and re-enter the Czech Republic for the whole duration of your long-term visa’s validity.