Sending and Sharing Information

Questions and comments

Questions and comments concerning the activities of the Czech Embassies abroad can be addressed to the e-mail address

Information mailing list

If you wish to receive updates concerning changes in immigration issues relating to education providers and students, and in case you are not already in touch with the Ministry of the Interior, please send us your e-mail address to and we will add it to our information mailing list.

Lists of enrolled students

In order to verify, whether a foreign national is enrolled into studies during a respective period, schools and other education institutions may provide the Ministry of the Interior with lists of enrolled students.

These should contain

  • name,
  • surname,
  • nationality,
  • date of birth,
  • expected length of studies (from – to or semester or academic year),
  • name or type of the educational programme.

Further the identification of the education provider that issued this list signed by an authorized individual including a stamp and date of issuance.

Schools and other institutions can send these lists in the following ways:

Specimens of signature of personnel authorized to issue proof of accommodation

In order to allow for the Ministry of the Interior to verify, whether a proof of accommodation was signed by the person authorized to do so, schools and education providers may provide the Ministry of the Interior with specimens of signatures of authorized personnel or other documents related thereto. These documents may be sent to the address of the Ministry of the Interior for official communication.