Arrival of Third Country Nationals in the Czech Republic

Requirements for entry into the Czech Republic

  • You can cross the borders of the Czech Republic, which are Schengen internal borders, basically at any point. There is no border control.
  • There is border control only on the Schengen external borders. Considering the Czech Republic’s geographical location, this only the case of international airports (airports with flights outside the Schengen Area) if you fly from or to the countries outside the Schengen Area. The rules for entry of third countries citizens to the Schengen Area are laid down in the Schengen Borders Code according to which you must meet the following requirements:
    • You hold a valid travel document which is valid for at least 3 months after the intended departure date from the Schengen Area and, at the same time, it was issued in the previous 10 years.
    • You hold a valid short-term visa, if you are required to have a visa, or a valid long-term visa or a valid residence permit.
    • You must justify the purpose and conditions of the intended stay.
    • You have sufficient funds for the duration of the intended stay as well as for the return to your country of origin or for the transit to a third country where you are guaranteed entry, or you are capable of securing these funds in a legal way.
    • You are not registered in the Schengen Information System (SIS) as a person that should be denied entry.
    • You are not considered a threat to the peace, State security, public health or international relations of the Member States and you are not registered in the Member States’ database as a person that should be denied entry for the above-mentioned reasons.
  • Persons under 15 years of age included in the travel document of another person with whom they are travelling do not need to present a travel document.
  • Upon entry into and departure from the Schengen Area, the travel documents of third countries nationals are in most cases stamped with an entry and departure stamps. It is advised to double-check that the travel document was stamped.