Short-term Stays in the EU

A short-term stay is a stay of a maximum duration of 90 days within any 180-day period. In the case of third countries citizens who want to enter and stay in the EU Member States for a short term, it is distinguished if:

If you are a national of a country for the citizens of which a visa requirement was waived, you can stay without a visa. This way you can stay and move freely in the countries that apply a common visa policy. These countries include all the Schengen countries. On the other hand, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Ireland do not apply a common visa policy.

If you are a national of a country whose citizens are required to have a visa, you are subject to the rules on entry, movement and short-term visas laid down in the Schengen Borders and Visa Codes. For travels to Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus it is necessary to contact the corresponding authorities of these countries.

If as a third country national you do not meet the Schengen entry requirements laid down in the EU and national legislations, you may be denied entry.