Free Movement of Persons in the EU

EU citizens and their family members can freely reside in any of the EU Member States – free movement of persons is one of the fundamental freedoms that the EU law guarantees to the EU citizens. Therefore, as an EU citizen, you can live, study and work in the Czech Republic without needing to have a residence or work permit.



Under what conditions can you reside in the European Union?

As EU citizens, you are entitled to free movement and residence in the EU Member States. Therefore, you can also enter the Czech Republic and reside here for an unlimited time. All you need is a travel document, in this case, an ID card is sufficient. During your residence, you must follow certain obligations. Your freedom of movement can be restricted only in serious and justified cases, e.g. breaches of the peace, public safety or health risks.

Neither do you need a permit to reside in other EU Member State. Each Member State, however, has rules for registration of the EU citizens after they arrive in the country. You can review these at a diplomatic mission of the given country where you are going to reside temporarily. Please see the list of the individual countries’ diplomatic missions in the Czech Republic.

Do you have to apply for a residence permit?

You do not need to apply for any kind of a residence permit. If you have been residing in the Czech Republic for more than 3 months, you are entitled to apply for a registration certificate.

Under what conditions can you work in the European Union?

You are entitled to seek employment and work in the Czech Republic without having to apply for a work permit (you have free access to the labour market). In terms of job availability, working conditions, social and fiscal benefits, you will be treated in the same way as Czech citizens. You can also be self-employed in the Czech Republic and do, for instance, business here.