Traineeship (Proof of the Purpose of Residence)

A traineeship certificate is a necessary document required in the case of applications for a long-term visa and a long-term residence permit for the purpose of studies if you are applying as a trainee.

Provide the certificate as an original or in the form of certifiede copy of a traineeship agreement with the host organisation where you will carry out your traineeship. It must be clear from the agreement that the traineeship involves both theoretical learning and practical training. At the same time, the agreement must contain:

  • Description of the traineeship programme including learning objectives or the syllabus
  • Traineeship period, placement and supervision conditions
  • The period during which the trainee will be working
  • Description of the legal relationship between the trainee and the host organisation

In addition, you must provide a document proving that you are studying a programme at the end of which you will receive a university diploma, or that within two years before the submission of the application you have obtained a university diploma.