Proof of the Length of Residence

A proof of the length of residence is one of the required documents in the case of some applications of EU citizens, for instance, an application for a permanent residence permit.

It is required that an applicant provides such a document only if it is not clear from the official records of the Ministry of the Interior whether the applicant meets the condition of the length of residence. That is most often the case if you have never held a residence permit before, or a registration certificate (a temporary residence permit) issued by the Ministry of the Interior. This is why third countries citizens do not prove the length of residence when they apply for a permanent residence permit.

If you are an EU citizen, you can provide documents that prove the length of your actual temporary residence in the Czech Republic. Such proofs may be, for example:

  • Work contract with the place of work in the Czech Republic (provide a certified copy of this work contract).
  • Confirmation by the employer of the start and termination of employment, e.g. in the form of a record of employment (in Czech “zápočtový list”).
  • Proof of registration and payment for public medical insurance (which you can obtain if you request a public medical insurance statement from your insurance company).
  • Other documents that individually or in combination with other documents prove your residence in the Czech Republic.

In the case of third countries citizens, residence with a long-term visa and with a long-term residence permit counts towards the length of continuous temporary residence. However, residence with a short-term visa or a visa-free stay do not count.