Letter of Transfer

A letter of transfer is a document issued by your employer so that you can acquire an intra-company employee transfer card or an intra-company employee transfer card of another EU Member State.

A letter of transfer must include:

  • Confirmation of a business company with a main office outside the EU Member States that you will be transferred as an employee to a business company or a spin-off with a main office in the Czech Republic.
  • Confirmation that you will work as a manager, specialist or an employed intern.
  • The duration of the intra-company transfer and the place of your work in the Czech Republic.
  • Detailed work conditions – working hours, annual leave and your wage or salary. These conditions must not be inferior to those stipulated by the Labour Code.
  • Confirmation that after the intra-company transfer ends, you will be transferred back to the business company with the main office outside the EU Member States.

You must either attach an original letter of transfer to your application, or attach it in a form of a certified copy. To write a letter of transfer you can use a template of a letter of transfer.