Electronic Proof of Accommodation

Proof of Accommodation is a document which you, as an accommodation provider issue, to express your consent to accommodate a foreigner in your accommodation facility. This document can be sent by an e-mail as long as the foreigner‘s application is filed within the territory of the Czech Republic. If the application is filed at a Czech Republic’s diplomatic mission abroad, the certificate of accommodation can only be submitted in paper form. It is not possible to submit a certificate of accommodation at the diplomatic mission office by electronic means.

If you send the proof of accommodation via e-mail, it has to be secured by an advanced electronic signature of the accommodation provider (entitled person. Such a document will be sent to the Ministry of the Interior’s Mail Room posta@mvcr.cz.

The proof of accommodation can also be sent through a Data Box of the accomodation provider (entitled person). In such a case, the advanced signature is not required. You will send the document to the ID-address of the Ministry of the Interior: 6bnaawp.

No other document can be sent by an accommodation provider via e-mail, the proof of accommodation being the only exception. Other documents regarding accommodation (e.g. contract of lease), and other required documents, must be submitted solely by the applicant, who is a party to the administrative proceedings.