Document number entered when creating a user account

When creating a user account, for successful authentication, it is necessary to enter the correct document number that is registered in the system of the Ministry of the Interior. Most often, this may be the number of a passport, an identification card (ID) of EU-citizens or a residence permit issued to you at a Ministry of the Interior office.

Below, you will find a list of documents with highlighted numbers, which can help you to find the required number easily. The document number may sometimes also contain letters. Do not enter numbers that appear elsewhere on the document, when creating a user account. The authentication will not be successful.


Long-term Visa

Registration Certificate of an EU Citizen

Long-term Residence Permit (including Employee Card and Blue Card)

Temporary or Permanent Residence Permit of an EU Citizen’s Family Member

Permanent Residence Permit of an EU Citizen

Permanent Residence Permit of Third Country National