Summons, Compelled Attendance, Banishment and Disciplinary Fine





Banishment from the place where an administrative act is being performed, is a legal instrument, the purpose of which is to ensure the smooth continuation of a procedure. It is imposed on a person who disrupts the order during oral proceedings, or during another administrative act, and who having been reprimanded, does not stop making trouble.

Banishment is, by its nature, declared orally in the form of a Resolution. During its declaration, it has to be recored in writing in the case file. The legal effect of such a Resolution is immediate, from the moment it is declared.

The banished persons are instructed as to the consequences of their not having left the room or office once they have been banished from it. This means, that they may be forcibly removed from the room or office by the police, or a disciplinary fine may be imposed on them.